Our premium 21 points exclusive pack. This will include anything and everything that you will need for nutrition and care for the next 50 days. With the pack comes 4 hours of free counselling and nutrition guidance.



Our premium 20 point pack which includes all the necessary products for your 50-day postnatal care.
The products will provide you with all the necessary nutrients. Every single ingredient is processed and added to the package with special care. All the products are made in Desi Cow Ghee procured from our very trusted sources.

1. Ajwain laddoo
2. Ajwain whole – for drinking water and roti
3. Kaifal – for rubbing on the head of the mother
4. Jaifal – for the baby for curing common cold. (External Applications)
5. Sonth(dried ginger) laddoo
6. Haldi laddoo
7. Dashmool kaadha
8. Lodh barfi
9. Battesa laddoo
10. Gond laddoo
11. Massage oil
12. Danamethi mixture
13. Jeera – for water
14. Peepal- for adding to food products
15. Baby massage oil
16. Makhana roasted
17. Kaju roasted
18. Moongdal
19. Daliya bhuna Hua
20. Mukhwaas

You can know more about the necessity and importance of each ingredient on our Benefits page.