Nari Kalyaan Paak | good source | Nari Kalyaan Paak helpful | ingreedients | good source for iron and calcium NKP_500gm


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  • 👍Working on your brain and Central Nervous System, ingredients like Abrak Bhasma helps as a nervine tonic.
  • 👍For your Heart and blood ingredients such as Chikni Supari, Loh Bhasma,helps in controlling your blood pressure , hemoglobin level , and keeps the diabeties in check. Special recommended for anemic individuals
  • 👍For our precious skin, with all the beauty products that we have applied from outside, it’s time to give a chance to inside healing too.
  • 👍Coming to the Uterus and sexual health section, Ingredients like Vang Bhasma works good for ovaries health.
  • 👍In the digestive section, for your Gut, Stomach and intestine constituents like Chikni Supari, Pipalli and Peepla mool, Chitrak Chaal, Chavya will help in curing appetite loss, improve metabolism, reduces constipation and other gastric troubles.
  • 👍Made with top quality ingreedients, processed as per traditional methods.
  • 👍One pack is enough for 25 days with 20 gms of serving each day.
  • 👍Recommend for women from age 15 to 80
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