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Frequently Asked Question!

Postpartum depletion is a real thing, where a woman’s body loses many vital nutrients during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. Some new theories even suggest that the effect of nutrient loss in a mother’s body can have consequences even up to a decade after giving birth. With the changing lifestyles and lack of extensive family support, it is becoming harder for many mothers to take care of their own nutrition, but it is so very essential, both for the mom and the new born.

We believe in the science of eating mindfully and what  you eat impacts not only your body but also your mind. Ingredients like ajwain seeds, sonth, etc. are superfoods and their advantages are tremendous. We truly believe in prevention rather than cure.Ingredients like such have been accepted as a proven solution to so many problems by medical science.

There are no side effects. our products are totally pure and natural.

Food products cannot be returned. If any product arrives damaged or spoilt, please contact us and we will do everything to make it right.

We thrive on the good quality of our products.

The ingredients that we use in our products are a top notch quality and are really difficult to procure and find. Only if a person has a proper knowledge, can he or she be able to find the best quality herbs and roots. Our experts procure and test these ingredients consistently.

Also, we use every ingredient in the righteous proportion, which is very crucial.

After pregnancy, the mother’s body is in a very delicate state. Eating Nuskha’s products will help the mother to restore the body to its natural State and build immunity and strength.

We ship all across India. Shipping is free for orders over Rs 1000 and flat 5% below that.