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Nuskha is an artisan ayurvedic kitchen started by Mrs. Alpana Tiwari, in Jaipur. We love to create authentic ayurvedic medicines, in the most homely manner possible. We offer a plethora of ayurvedic remedies, all herbal which are ready for consumption. Our key innovation is in the field of post pregnancy nutrition. Where we have achieved remarkable success.

We take pride in making our products as tasty as possible, trying to make it go easy on your taste buds, which is usually not the case with ayurvedic medicines.

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Coming from a lineage of an ayurvedic family, Mrs. Alpana was born and brought up in the hands of this ancient science. Owing to her inquisitive nature, she grasped a lot of Ayurveda fundamentals just by assisting her grandfather, her father and then her elder brother. With all the knowledge of herbs from her family combined with her deep love for cooking, Mrs. Alpana Came up with this amazing line of medicinal snacks which are so healthy that your body will thank both you and us, and so delicious that your taste buds won’t let you say no. With over 10 years of experience and uncountable success stories, we would like to present our line of products in a complete new, refurbished avatar.
Mrs. Alpana Tiwari

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Gopi Vallabh Sharma

Ayurved Acharya

With a wisdomful experience of 53 years, Rtd. District Medical Officer Gopi Vallabh Sharma believes in going out of his way for his patients and give them best advice.


“Through my work and knowledge, I want my patients to believe and experience the goodness of Ayurveda, and that is how I want to continue my legacy.”

Viral Tiwari


An engineer in Mechanics from Manipal Institute of Technology, Viral is now giving all his e”fforts passionately towards building Nuskha Kitchen in all its glory.

Viral has a keen interest in Art and painting at “Fankaar Arts”, he gives way to his paint brushes.

“Through and through, I want to give Nuskha the best of my values of passion, hardwork and resilience.