Why is the Indian post pregnancy diet so crucial?

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According to Indian culture there are some special foods that speed up recovery and increase the production of breast milk. The food is easily digestible and keeps the new mother body’s warm. The food is prepared with broken wheat, ajwain, methi, millet, besan, fennel, gond (edible gum taken from the bark of trees), dry fruits, turmeric, sesame, semolina and ghee (which is added to almost every item).

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Post Natal Care

Nuskha specializes in maternity medicinal edibles. We offer a 50-day course for the new mother. It helps in rejuvenation and revitalization of body and its regular functions post gestation. Our course will help you in restoring your body to its natural form (even better) and also aid you in having an amazing lactation.

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Customers Reviews

Ultimate Solution for keeping fit healthy, in shape pre & post delivery,A must 40 days course that includes methi, ajvain, sonf and many more variety of laddoos with all Ayurvedic values,which our NANI, Dadi used to consume and always stayed healthy and fit. Also Nuskha Kitchen provides variety of eatables to keep you healthy, strong,active,with best of ingridients. Try once and stay healthy & fit.
Manju Sharma

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I highly recommend nuskha kitchen.. Authentic food made from pure ND high quality material.. I had thandai ladoos in Summer..they had awesome taste ND healthy too. The Nuskha Kitchen is a good place to find food for moms and babies. They provide all the maternity food and its very helpful to recovering. This food is very helpful for increasing breast milk. I really like your all products and thank you so much.
Raksha Vijay